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Services Offered


Property and Portfolio Evaluation

  • Estimate current market rent and/or sale value of property
  • Estimate time required to liquidate property
  • Identify potential alternative use scenarios to maximize property value

Strategic Planning

  • Establish plan for store and plant closings and/or continued operation
  • Recommend "financial restructuring" of real estate assets (e.g., sale-leaseback, financing or subleasing)
  • Recommend professional firms to be retained by client (or as Atlas subcontractors)


  • Evaluate fee and leasehold properties
  • Oversee lease renegotiation and termination agreements
  • Develop and implement plans of action to maximize recovery of value from real estate

Implementation or Disposition

  • Hire and manage broker(s) to dispose of properties nationwide
  • Act as broker for local properties
  • Hire and/or manage title, survey, appraisal, physical and/or environmental studies
  • Direct and/or conduct sale, lease or sublease negotiations; conduct auctions
  • Review legal documents and recommend deal changes
  • Conduct financial analysis of possible transaction structures
  • Buyout or lease terminations
  • Rent reduction negotiations

Commercial Brokerage

  • Manage leasing, subleasing and sale of commercial and income-producing property

Expert Witness Services

  • Offer reports and testimony
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