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Affiliates of Atlas Partners invest in two different types of business deals. The first type of investment is in early stage and start-up operating businesses.  The primary investment thesis is:  Good People with Good Ideas.  Past investments have ranged from tech-oriented companies, specialty quick-service restaurants, to an art fair, and a designer and wholesaler of men’s apparel.

The second type of investment is in distressed commercial and industrial loans, or orphaned or distressed operating businesses.  The investment thesis is:  to acquire assets in these situations when the “trouble” can be identified and quantified.  The strategy can be a liquidation of the assets or the restructuring of the business, so that the business can operate successfully.

The desired range of purchase price for deals is between $1 million and $6 million.  Since we are dealing with propriety capital, our typical time frame is two to four weeks for due diligence and two to four days to close.  We do not utilize any third-party financing to acquire our deals, and so we are able to move very quickly as all required approvals are completed in-house.

At the present time, the portfolio encompasses investments in seven privately-held operating businesses plus publically traded stock of an earlier investment that merged with a SPAC. 

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